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The Yosemite Guide contains information about camping, trip planning, activities, scheduled events, and hours of operations for different facilities and services.


June 22 - July 26

May 18 - June 21

Apr 6 - May 17

Mar 1 - Apr 5

Feb 10 - Feb 29

Dec 9 - Feb 9



Oct 7 - Dec 8

Sept 2 - Oct 6

July 29 - Sept 1

June 24 - July 28

May 20 - June 23

April 8 - May 19

Feb 11 - April 7

Dec 10 - Feb 10



Dec 10 - Feb 10

Oct 8 - Dec 9

Sept 3 - Oct 7

July 30 - Sept 2

June 24 - July 29

May 21 - June 24

April 9 - May 20

Feb 12 - April 8

Dec 11 - Feb 11




Shelter   Miscellaneous
Tents   Sunscreen
Tent Stakes   Lantern
Rope   Gas for Lantern
Poles   Extra Mantles
Tarps   Fire Starter
Easy Up   Flashlights
Bedding   Extra Batteries
Sleeping Bag   Whistle
Air Mattress   Candles
Pump for Air Mattress   Lantern Hanger
Sheets   Baby Wipes
Blankets   Family Radios
Pillows   Maps
Cots   GPS
Sleeping Pad or Self Inflating Mattress   Compass
Cooking Equipment   Pen
Water Container/Jug (2-3 Gallon Min.)   Paper
Stove   Cards/Dominoes/Games/Etc.
Fuel for Stove   Hammock
Lighter/ Matches   Pocket Knife
Firewood   Binoculars
Charcoal   Bikes/Scooter/Rollerblades
Trash Bags   Umbrella
Dutch Oven   Gloves
Spatula   Bungi Cords
Tongs   Canteen/Waterbottle/Camelback
Oven Mitt   Toys for Kids
Can Opener   Horseshoes/Cornhole
Aluminum Foil   Frisbee
Plates/Bowls   Cell phone
Pots/Pans/Cookware   Money/Wallet
Silverware / Plasticware   Small Shovel
Paper Towels   Toolkit
Spices   Bug Repellant
Dishwashing Soap   Watch
Dirty Dish Bucket   Sunglasses
Cups   Camp Chairs
Cutting Board   Reading Material
Knives   Newspaper (for Fire Starter)
Folding Table   Bikes
Scrubbie   Trail Guides/Hiking Guides
Tablecloth   Jiffy Pop
Ziplock Bags   Hershey Bars/Graham Crackers/ Chocolate Bars
Coolers (1 for food, 1 for Beverages)   AC Converter Extension Cord
Olive Oil/ Cooking Oil   Tape
Tupperware   Axe
Coffee Pot / Percolator   Tent Light
Coffee Cups   Glow Sticks
Camp Kitchen   Tent Repair Kit
Toiletries   Trail Mix/Snacks
Shaving Cream   Hiking Poles
Toilet Paper   Clothing
Toothpaste   Pants
Toothbrush   Shirts
Deoderant   Hiking Boots/Shoes
Washcloth   Shorts
Shampoo   Socks
Brush   Hats
Medication   Sweatshirts
Camera Equipment   Windbreaker
Cameras   Jacket
Tripod   Underwear
Additional lenses   Rain Gear
Backup Batteries   Swim Suit
DC/AC converter to charge batteries   Belt
Battery Charger   Sleepwear
Additional Memory   Gloves
Video Camera   Water Shoes/ Flip Flops / Tevas
External Hard Drive    
Flash equipment    
Remote camera trigger    
Lens cleaning kit    
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