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A view of Upper Yosemite Falls, If you hike to the top from the valley, Yosemite Creek Campground is just four miles upstream.

Yosemite Shuttle Stop - Denotes which shuttle stop when you see this icon.

Yosemite Creek campground is the most difficult campground to get to in the park. Located a little over an hour from Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Creek Campground is a great place to camp to avoid the crowds of the valley. It is also a first come first served campground and if the other campgrounds are full, this one may have sites open. Expect a slow ride in as the unmaintained paved road full of potholes, bumps and turns leads the way down to the campground. It will take you at least 20 minutes to drive the 4.7 miles and quite a bit more if you get behind a few cars. For those of you who read this, when someone comes up behind you, pull to the side and let them pass.

RV's and trailers are not recommended at this campground, the drive in is just to difficult.

Cost per night is $10 per person per night. There is a self pay station at the entrance to the campground.

The rough granite landscape and high elevation makes for some really nice stargazing.

Each campsite includes a fire pit, a table and a bear proof food locker [33"(D)x45"(W)x18"(H)]. Storing all of your food items, toiletries and coolers is required for the protection of the bears in the area. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD IN YOUR CAR OR RV. Please dispose of all trash immediatly in the bear proof trash cans located around the campground. Restrooms are vault type and are located throughout the campground.

Yosemite Creek has 75 campsites and is open from July to Early September.

Groceries are either 45 minutes west at Crane Flat or 45 minutes east at Tuolumne Meadows.

Showers are in Yosemite Valley at Half Dome Village or Housekeeping Camp. See details below.

Pets are permitted in the campground, but must be on a leash.

Yosemite Creek Campground Map

Do you have Google Earth installed? Download the map to the right or click the link below to see an overlay of the campground in Google Earth.

Once you download the file, open it with Google Earth and if you zoom in, you can get a really good idea of where your campsite will be.

Yosemite Creek Campground - Yosemite National Park - Google Earth Overlay

Porcupine Flat Campground Google Earth Overlay

Yosemite Valley Shuttle legend


Yosemite Valley Information

Yosemite Village Yosemite Shuttle Stop 2 Yosemite Shuttle Stop 10 boasts several restaurants.

Degnan's Cafe Yosemite Shuttle Stop 4 - features smoothies, coffee, baked goods and an internet kiosk. The cafe is usually open from April to September.

Degnan's Deli Yosemite Shuttle Stop 4 - sells deli sandwiches, salads, vegetarian and gourmet food, snacks, lattes and other beverages. The deli is open daily from 7am to 5pm.

Degnan's Loft Yosemite Shuttle Stop 4 - This Yosemite Village restaurant features pizza, salads, soups and appetizers - all served in this family-style loft restaurant located above Degnan's Deli. Wine and beer are also available. Open Spring to Fall. Open 5 to 9 pm Mon-Fri and
12 to 9 pm Sat and Sun

Village Grill Yosemite Shuttle Stop 2 Yosemite Shuttle Stop 10 - serves an excellent variety of grilled items, such as cheeseburgers, grilled chicken, veggie and salmon burgers. Don't pass on one of the Milkshakes. Open 11 am to 5 pm daily.

The country store at Yosemite Village is well stocked with groceries and has an excellent gift shop.

As with all of the campgrounds in Yosemite Valley, space is cramped and campsites are very close to each other.

Half Dome Village Yosemite Shuttle Stop 14 Yosemite Shuttle Stop 20 (click for a fantastic map from the National park Service), a bit farther east, offers several restaurants including a Pizza Deck (some of the best Pizza I have ever had and should be a stop on everyone's trip to Yosemite), Ice cream shop/ coffee bar, A Taqueria, a Dining Pavilion (Buffet style), A small bar that serves an excellent local draft selection located next to the Pizza Deck. Also at Half Dome Village is a mountaineering shop and mountaineering school, a store and gift shop, an amphiteather, a public pool, showers and a Lounge that has open WIFI access.

Raft and Bicycle rentals are next to Half Dome Village at the Half Dome Village Recreation Center Yosemite Shuttle Stop 13a get off at Shuttle Stop 13a.

Road conditions can change at any time. Please check road and weather before arriving at (209)372-0200 for conditions inside Yosemite, and 1-800-427-ROAD for conditions outside the park. Highway 120 over Tioga Pass from Lee Vining and the Glacier Point Road are closed seasonally.

Entrance Fee to the park is $20 per private vehicle.




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