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The Yosemite Guide contains information about camping, trip planning, activities, scheduled events, and hours of operations for different facilities and services.


June 22 - July 26

May 18 - June 21

Apr 6 - May 17

Mar 1 - Apr 5

Feb 10 - Feb 29

Dec 9 - Feb 9



Oct 7 - Dec 8

Sept 2 - Oct 6

July 29 - Sept 1

June 24 - July 28

May 20 - June 23

April 8 - May 19

Feb 11 - April 7

Dec 10 - Feb 10



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Yosemite Scheduled Events Rangers Programs are outlined in the seasonal Yosemite Guide. You can get your copy of the Yosemite Guide to the right, just click the guide for the time of year you are planning on visiting Yosemite. Also, when you enter the park, the ranger at the entrance station will give you a current copy of the Yosemite Guide and you can base your activities off of the most current copy. As the National Forest Service post more guides, we will post them. The list below is a quick look at the programs offered. Items in bold and black are designed for kids and their families. $- designates that this event has a cost associated with it.

The following events are what you can expect throughout your stay at Yosemite.Check the Yosemite Guide for times and days.

Camera Walk
1 ½ hours. Sign up and meet at The Ansel Adams Gallery (TAAG)

This is a great course for all of you camera guys that dominate the park. The walk will take you through Cook's Meadow and give you informative information about how to use your camera settings and how to frame pictures in Yosemite plus a whole lot more. I would not conider myself a camera buff by any means, but after this program, I noticed that a lot of my pictures seemed to have a little more pop to them.

1 hr. Half Dome Village Amphitheater (DNC) free

Ned's Big Adventure is put on 4 days a week by The Traveling Lantern Theater Company and can be previewed on their website. This is especially fun for younger children.

Discovery Hike
Vernal Falls Bridge 3½ hrs. Half Dome Village Mountaineering School. Tickets/info at any tour desk. (DNC) $


1 hr. long hikes usually starting at the Happy Isles Shuttle Stop #16

These informative ranger walks offer insight on a variety of topics including wildflowers, wildlife, waterfalls, geology, astronomy and bird watching. These programs are offered at different sites throughout the park. See the Yosemite Guide for detailed times and locations

Family Craft Program
1-1/2 hrs. Yosemite Art and Education Center. (YAEC)

The Yosemite Art & Education Center is open daily 9am-4:30pm (closed for lunch from 12-1PM). Workshops are offered from 10am to 2pm Tuesday through Saturday. Register for classes in advance: 209/372-1442. Suggested Donation of $5, supplies extra. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Be prepared to work outdoors. Information on classes is also available online at

Bike to Hike Tour
2½ hrs. Half Dome Village Bike Stand. Tickets/info at any tour desk. (DNC) $


Art Workshop
(4 hrs) Yosemite Art and Education Center. Details at left. (YAEC) $5 Donation


Up to 3 hrs. Drop-in program. Vegetation restoration field work for volunteers. Meet in front of the Valley Visitor Center. Wear closed toe shoes and long pants; bring water and snacks. (NPS)


Adventure Hike- Vernal & Nevada Falls
6 hrs. Yosemite Half Dome Village Mountaineering School. Tickets/info at any tour desk. (DNC) $


Welcome to Yosemite with Ranger Shelton Johnson
2hrs. Drop-in conversation and orientation about Yosemite. Front of Yosemite Museum (NPS)


Children's Photography Walk
1 hr. Sign up and meet at The Ansel Adams Gallery. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Adventure Hike – Yosemite Falls
6 hrs. Yosemite Lodge Amphitheater Stage. Tickets/info at any tour desk. (DNC) $


Yosemite Mountaineering School (YMS)

YMS offers rock climbing classes, guided climbs, custom backcountry trips, and daily hikes. Experience the park with a professional guide: 209/372-8344.


2 hrs. Informal learning activities in English & Spanish for kids& adults, along the Lower Yosemite Fall Trail/ (except 15 de Julio) 2 horas, actividades de aprendizaje informales en Ingles y Espanol para los ninos y los adultos, en el rastro de Cascada Baja de Yosemite (DNC)


45 min. Stories & activities for kids 6 & under, Half Dome Village Amphitheater (DNC)


Ranger Walk – Yosemite's Legacy
1 ½ hrs. Front of Yosemite Valley Visitor Center (NPS)


1 hr. Nature Center at Happy Isles campfire ring, near shuttle stop #16


Ranger Program
1hr. Lower Pines Campground Amphitheater, near shuttle stop #19 (NPS)


1-1 ½ hrs. Tickets/info at any tour desk (DNC) $

This is a must if you have kids, Sit out in the meadows and discover the night shies above Yosemite.

Beginners Painting
1-1/2 hrs. Minimum age 8. Yosemite Art Education Center. (YAEC) $10 for supplies


(except July 4) 1 hr. Yosemite Lodge Amphitheater (DNC)


NPS National Park Service
DNC DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite, Inc.
AAG The Ansel Adams Gallery
AAC American Alpine Club
SC Sierra Club
YC Yosemite Conservancy
YMS Yosemite Mountaineering School
$ Programs offered for a fee

There are new programs and more in the Yosemite Guide.
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